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It is exciting to read about the new superbug that Urban Utilities has been successfully trialing at their Luggage Point Sewerage Treatment Plant. To see such local scientific finds that will many water utilities get more out of their existing infrastructure is wonderful.

The plant presently has enough Anammox bugs to fill 10 grounds swimming pools. Anammox bugs benefit from ammonia and chemical element matter, removing the pollutants from waste naturally. The bugs area unit huge on spherical, web-like, plastic disks remarked as carriers. victimization at intervals the treatment technique has reduced the necessity for chemicals and has meant sixty per cent less energy has been used compared to ancient methods.

The project has been 10 years at intervals making. The bugs area unit expected several|to avoid wasting} lots of Urban Utilities $500,000 a year operational costs due to their efficiency.

It can profit the atmosphere as a result of they appear to be a cleaner, greener due to treating the waste

The bugs area unit farmed at the Urban Utilities innovation centre at baggage purpose at Pinkenba in Brisbane’s east — the largest waste treatment plant in Queensland. The plant treats waste in a large amount everyday

The bugs area unit was unbroken in AN passing temperature-controlled atmosphere. The project has been 10 years at intervals the making, with complications around biosecurity laws preventing the bugs from being foreign, which implies scientists had to reverend special environments to grow them domestically.

One of the foremost vital challenges of the project was in addition to growing the bugs, Anammox bugs area unit slow-growing, therefore, they tend to really have to nurture them.

The bugs were introduced to the waste treatment technique to cater to Brisbane’s growing population. Growing cities implies that plenty of waste. which implies plenty of nutrients and ammonia that we’d wish to get eliminate

Anammox bacteria is incredibly economical at doing for they’re curated that they’ve extremely created extra capability here at baggage treatment facility purpose the establishment of the farm for baggage purpose implies that Urban Utilities will rapidly be able to share the bugs with the rest of the country.

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