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Do you want to increase efficiency and profit with streamlined processes customised to your business? You need an edge. A Data Driven Edge.

We work with process and manufacturing companies to show them how to deliver more uptime, increase business value, and tap into high profits using our uniquely created program. Data Driven Edge.
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations becoming more and more of a requirement for commercial and industrial sites around the country.

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The environment is so important to all our futures. In addition, it is a great way to cut running costs.

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Manufacturers in the Food and Beverage space need contractors that understand their unique requirements

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We are passionate about helping Australian manufacturers stay competitive in the local and global marketplace

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Over 3.6m people in South East Queensland are covered by water and wastewater infrastructure TEW Solutions have installed, supported and / or maintained.

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TEW Solutions has extensive experience in both the electrical and mechanical requirements of running a waste facility.

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Chemical plants have critical factors to be considered when designing, installing and maintaining equipment.

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About TEW Solutions

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Delivering fully integrated solutions to drive efficiencies and improved outcomes.

With expert engineering, electrical and mechanical skills in one dedicated team.

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