Renewable Energy

Every day scientists are finding out more about the environment. So it is excellent that our project briefs are at the cutting edge of knowledge in this crucial area. We need to look after the future of our earth.

The added advantage for our customers of being environmentally conscious is a good feeling and the money savings from renewable energy solutions.

At TEW Solutions, we keep up to date with what is possible and enjoy working with our customers and partners to develop the best solution for their requirements.

We will visit your site, evaluate your current energy usage, and even develop specific power usage charts. We will look at your system’s components, like solar panels, batteries, alternative technologies, to make sure they are the right size and type for the job.

Whether you are looking at a small solar installation, powering a communication hut, or wanting to use your biogas to power your facility, we can work with you to ensure the most efficient outcome.

We also have excellent partners who can assist with virtual power plants to realise a new world you may not have even realised was possible.

Renewable energy not only helps reduce your carbon footprint, but it also helps save you money AND it shows your customers that you are a company that is socially responsible so why wait. Talk to TEW Solutions today to discuss your facility and find out what your options are and how we can partner with you to achieve an important positive impact.

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