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Our Industries

With Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations becoming more and more of a requirement for commercial and industrial sites around the country TEW is excited to work with key companies in this industry to supply and install EV Charging Stations.

At TEW Solutions we are curious about what is possible and work with our customers to come up with the best solution for their requirements.

Manufacturers in the Food and Beverage space need contractors that understand their unique requirements and importance of the food safety element in all work being completed.

As the home of Data Driven Edge we know how to work with you to take your manufacturing business to new heights.  Check out our resources page today to understand what is possible today!

Over 3.6m people in South East Queensland are covered by water and wastewater infrastructure TEW Solutions have installed, supported and / or maintained. 

From maintaining and refurbishing compactors to getting wheel washes running efficiently TEW Solutions has extensive experience in both the electrical and mechanical requirements of running a waste facility, whether recycling or general waste.

Chemical plants have critical factors to be considered when designing, installing and maintaining equipment.  With full hazardous area capability including zoning, qualified electrical hazardous area electrical installers and partners for auditing TEW Solutions offers an experienced and low risk partner for your chemical plant.