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At TEW Solutions, we are very passionate about keeping manufacturing local for our children’s future and ease of access to quality products.

Kylie Birleson, the founder of the Data Driven Edge™ process and part-owner of TEW Solutions, grew up running around sugar mills. Their uncertain future led to her father leaving this industry to work in another food manufacturing plant that is now also closed. Her passion is to assist businesses in showcasing their value and excellent products to Australian and Global consumers. By increasing efficiency and consumer confidence, the future becomes more secure.

Kylie has over 20 years in the industry and has worked for software vendors implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems. Frustrated by the silo approach to these systems, Kylie has taken her experience and combined it with her business knowledge to look at solutions in partnership with customers. These solutions provide an overall system that feeds into every part of the business and enables sustainable growth, profit and valuation of manufacturing businesses.

In the past small to medium manufacturing business has struggled to fully implement such systems due to costs, risk and ability to manage the process across the whole business. Using the Data Driven Edge™ five-step process, everything becomes more precise, lower risk, and focuses on the bigger picture. The Data Driven Edge™ approach provides a lower initial outlay and realises a quicker return on investment.