EV Charging Stations

With Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations becoming more and more of a requirement for commercial and industrial sites around the country TEW is excited to work with key companies in this industry to supply and install EV Charging Stations.

TEW was proud to partner with Gold Coast City Council to install the world’s first fast charge technology from Tritium.  The Tritium RTM75 EV 75KW is 50 per cent faster than the standard 50kW chargers and can charge two vehicles simultaneously.  It can load up an EV to 75km of range within 10 minutes of charging.

TEW offers full installation services including infrastructure modifications required.  With many technology options now available we can work with you to find the best solutions for your requirements. 

Some of the options available for our customers are:

  • Smart Chargers with remote software control, full integration to see data along with load management options.
  • Renewable energy connection with charger to make a fully green solution.
  • Adaptable sizing to suit customer requirements.
  • Billing chargers for on charging your customers from a phone application or alternatives. Or chargers that do not on charge.
  • Load controlled installation that ensures zero impact on other critical equipment within the area.

Whether you are wanting a single charging station for small vehicles or large stations for a fleet of trucks contact us today about your requirements and join the increasing number of companies taking up electric vehicles today.

TEW Solutions can also support you in your ongoing maintenance support as well to ensure you EV charging stations stay reliable and functioning.